10 Places You Must Visit In Sparta, Tennessee

Smack right in the middle of Tennessee is the small, quaint city about 5,000 called Sparta. No, this is not the legendary military city-state of ancient Rome. Small as it may be, it nevertheless provides exceptional tourist attractions to those who are looking for something quite different to do on vacation or a weekend away. And if 7 sites of the National Register of Historic Places in Sparta dont appeal to you, were sure one of these 10 will.

Burgess Falls and State Park
A trip to Sparta, TN wont be complete without a visit to Burgess Falls and its State Park. It falls 250 feet, supplying the Falling Water River, and providing visitors stunning scenery. Nature lovers will appreciate more than 300 species of wildlife present at the park. It’s beautiful to travel here at any time of the year but the waterfall is at its most impressive during the rainy season.

Virgin Falls Pocket Wilderness

With 317 acres of trails, several 110-foot waterfalls, and a series of caves and waterfalls that interconnect, the Virgin Falls Pocket Wilderness is every outdoor adventurers dream paradise. There are sinkholes, karst features, and spectacular streams dotting the landscape.

Northfield Vineyards Winery

Built in 1904, this family farm has grown to become a full-pledged vineyard complete with its own selection of good old Tennessee spirits.

Rock House Shrine

This unassuming house made of sandstone was actually visited by three US presidents: Presidents Andrew Jackson, James K. Pol, and Sam Houston. Today, the shrine stands as a proud reminder of the importance of this sleepy little town in national politics.

White County Heritage Museum

Want to learn more about the granddaddy of bluegrass? Then head out to the White County Heritage Museum. This is one attraction that is best appreciated by those who study the Civil War. Check out the role of Sparta in the war that shaped the nation.

Sunset Rock Overlook

This is one place where you can treat yourself to stunning sunsets all year round, regardless of solstice. The best scene is when the horizon is split by the amazing silhouette of the earth and the dreamy outlines of the clouds.

Bridgestone/Firestone Centennial Wilderness

Adjacent to the Virgin Falls Pocket Wilderness, the Bridgestone/Firestone Centennial Wilderness is a 10,000-acre piece of land is home to a variety of animal and plant life that make this part of Scotts Gulf a favorite among adventure-seekers.

Bon Air Mountain Museum

This is perhaps Tennessees last few section houses that are still standing. It now serves as a museum to teach future generations of the rail and coal mining life in the mountains of the state.

Broadway of America

Get a taste of 18th century Tennessee with its classic hardware building, old movie house, era-specific restaurants and shops, old sawmills, and even a drive-in theatre in this part of Sparta developed by the very first settlers of the land in 1785.

Amazin Acres of Fun
Bring your family for a chance to get close and personal with many farm animals, milk cows, play in corn boxes, and other farm-related activities. Springtime is great for strawberries while fall is perfect for corn and pumpkins.

Sparta certainly has charm attached to its name. And when you pay these 10 attractions a visit, youll learn its more than just a name.