Barbados Surf Spots: Best Places To Surf In Barbados

Barbados surf spots are some of the most beautiful in the world. This is a guide to the best places to travel in Barbados to find awesome surf breaks.

When deciding where to take a surf travel vacation, it can be very difficult to select a destination. There are so many wonderful surf spots around the world that picking just one can seem like an impossible task. The most important factor to take into account when selecting a surf destination is the various surf breaks that the location has to offer. It is important to know what kind of breaks the country sports before you travel to surf there. Barbados is an island country that has a number of wonderful surf breaks. The following is a guide to the best Barbados surf spots.

Surfing the East Coast of Barbados

Soup Bowl is a break located on the east coast of Barbados. It is a right wave that gets very heavy when the waves get big. The waves break over a rock shelf under 7 feet of water. Soup Bowl is a wave that works well no matter what direction the swell is coming from, but it breaks biggest when the swell is coming from the north. This break is famous for producing world class barrels, and it attracts a number of pro surfers every year like Kelly Slater.

South Coast of Barbados Surf Spots

South Point is a break on the southern coast of Barbados, oddly enough. It is probably the most popular of Barbados surf breaks. However, South Point is a huge wave that has many peaks, so it is always easy to find an open space. The wave at South Point is mainly a left, but there are a few rights too. This wave is super fast and really hollow. You can get here on a chartered yacht – find out more on

Another popular break on the southern coast of Barbados is Brandons. It is a consistent wave that is great for surfers of every skill level. It is a very long wave that breaks over a reef. It is at its best at low tide. The beach is spectacular, and is very popular on weekends.

Freights Bay is another good wave on the south coast of Barbados. It is the longest left in the country, and it is a fairly gentle wave. It is great for beginners and long boarders. It is also very safe, as the bottom of the bay is mostly sand.

Surfing the West Coast of Barbados

The West Coast of Barbados offers the best surf on the island when it breaks. Unfortunately, that only happens about 6 times a year. The swell comes from the north and gives a three day spree of fantastic surfing.

Maycocks is a surf break located on the northwest side of the island. It is very secluded and a little tough to get to. It is a super long right when it breaks. If you are lucky enough to be in Barbados when it breaks, it is an experience that you remember forever.

Tropicana is a wave that should only be surfed by experts. It is one of the shallowest waves around. The bottom is fire coral and will eat you alive if you wipe out. The barrel it produces when it is on is spectacular.

Batts Rock is another surf break located on the West Coast of Barbados. This is the safest and maybe the best place to surf on the west side of the island. It is a long left that breaks in 7 feet of water. It forms a beautiful barrel that you can ride all the way into the beach.

Final Thoughts
Barbados is really a slice of surf travel paradise. It has something to offer every level of surfer, and it is full of friendly people that will help to make your stay enjoyable. One thing to note is that it is really necessary to rent a car for a surf vacation in Barbados. It is the only way to travel to all of the great surf spots that Barbados has to offer.