Finding Your Passion In Buenos Aires

If there is one city in the world that beats Rio de Janeiro when it comes to passion, its Buenos Aires. Buenos Aires, dubbed as one of the most passionate cities, is the best place to be when finding yourself or if you just want to enjoy a colorful vacation.

When you look at it from an airplane, the first thing youll notice is its similarity to European cities. Its even called The Paris of the South by a lot of tourists. The citys architecture consists of churches and hotels that have intricate designs and dome-like ceilings that youd think you suddenly went to Paris. While youre here, explore the many things you can do to liven up your spirit.

When walking the streets of this fabulous city, one of the first things you’ll notice is the number of dogs. The Portenos love their four-legged friends and these cute creatures can be seen paraded by their owners down smart shopping streets or walking in the local park. But don’t think about bringing your own pooch as dog friendly accommodation here is limited – unlike other countries such as the UK where there is a wide choice of pet friendly holiday homes.

Food in Buenos Aires is often meat, wine, and sweets. Minus the sweets, you wont notice that you are even in South America. Buenos Aires offers the juiciest steaks from sirloin, rib eye, to porterhouse. Their parrillas (which are also called steakhouses) can be found everywhere and whats great about this is that even if its everywhere, you wouldnt feel that the taste is commercialized. You can also find different cuts of steak in the many restaurants lining the streets. Couple this with wine and you will definitely have a full and satisfied belly. But as you walk around the city, youll see ice cream stores and its hard to resist the call of sweet and creamy desserts. Try their dulce de leche helado which is always a must-try for tourists. You can also try media luna with dulce de leche.

The notable thing about Buenos Aires is its architecture. Yes, it feels like youre in Europe, but couple this with the whole atmosphere of the city and you feel like a painting has come to life.

Drop by Casa Rosada which is where Madonna was filmed as Eva Peron in the movie Evita. It is also considered as the citys most iconic tourist destination. But aside from its architecture, art is seen all around Buenos Aires. Lining the streets are artists making the city their inspiration.

Often considered the birthplace of tango, Buenos Aires is a great place to challenge your dancing skills. It was believed that tango was first created by people from Buenos Aires as a form of entertainment when they were waiting outside the houses of the women they courted.

There are numerous dance schools and dance salons where you can learn how to dance sultry moves. Youll meet dance instructors who have been practicing the art of tango for years.

To cap off your day, visit some night clubs and discos around the city. Buenos Aires is a city that never sleeps and even the restaurants are open until 10 PM. Partygoers often start going to clubs from 2 am until the sun rises.

But if you dont want to go partying all night, you can look for chill bars playing live music while you eat dinner and hang out with friends and people you meet around the city.