Reasons Why You Should Go See Mobile Bay In Alabama

Aside from the natural phenomenon that occurs every warm summer night where locals can easily harvest fish and crabs swarming towards shallow waters, there are plenty more reasons why you should go see Mobile Bay in Alabama. This natural body of water located in the Gulf of Mexico has more than its fair share of historical and cultural heritage that is worth every travelers journal. Sadly, it is not as popular as New Orleans some 144 miles away when it comes to tourism. Thats good news for you. Forget the tourist-clogged streets of New Orleans and head east towards Mobile Bay and youll be rewarded with a lot more of what the South has to offer.

The original Mardi Gras

It is a well-known legend that the very first Mardi Gras celebration in the US was done in 1699 some 60 miles south of the city of New Orleans. Theres one problem though. The event was celebrated by the French Pierre Le Moyne dIberville as a way of honoring the holiday. As such, it could hardly be recognized as the first true city-organized Fat Tuesday celebration. That distinction goes to the city of Mobile at the mouth of Mobile Bay. They celebrated the very first city-wide Mardi Gras festivities in 1703, only a year after the citys foundation. New Orleans had its first official Mardi Gras parade in 1837, and that is without the colorful floats. So, the next time you want to celebrate Mardi Gras, better head to Mobile not New Orleans. This is one of those valuable travel tips. Youd be treated to highly elaborate themed floats, marching bands, flying Moon Pies, balls, and revelry for the whole family.

8 historic districts in one city

The number of National register Historic Districts in midtown and downtown Mobile is already staggering. What this simply means is that you no longer have to travel far to really appreciate the rich cultural and historical heritage of this thriving city by the bay. These districts give you a glimpse of the heart and soul of the old Mobile. Head over to Dauphin Street and marvel at the Queen Anne, Italianate, Federal, and Greek revival architectural styles. With ancient oak trees standing shoulder to shoulder with magnolias providing cover for the citys streets and giant ferns dancing to the rhythm of the gentle Gulf breeze, there is no better historic walk than the one youll get in Mobile.

Fresh catch straight to your table

The Gulf of Mexico supplies Mobile Bay with a dizzying array of seafood that Mobilians never tire of hauling day in and day out to bring to the dozens of restaurants that dot the seaside landscape. From Gulf shrimps to oysters and even blue crabs, kitchen artisans of this Southern city create tantalizing meals that is perfect for the gods. Cheese grits, southern fried chicken, collards and plenty more soul food will surely bring you to the heart of Southern cooking.

Mobile Bay may not be as popular as the other bay regions in the country. However, it does have its own charm.