Strange Things Airport Travelers Really Do

Every airport worker in every city around the world has his or her own fair share of weird stories. Theres something about airports that transforms normal people into far stranger versions of themselves. In some cases, its as though people step in through the doors of the terminal and become someone new.

The next time youre getting ready to board your plane, first make sure your smartphone battery is full, youd be very sad if something funny happened and you missed it. Then spend some time people watching. Youll quickly discover that theyre far weirder than the individuals you typically see at a mall or a restaurant. In fact, you could find that this practice alone will be more entertaining than your mobile game app would have been.

Indeed, there are some people who appear entirely normal. They walk into the waiting area, sit down and check their messages or read a magazine. Others can completely bizarre or even downright disturbing. If you do decide to people watch, brace yourself for a lot of weirdness youve never seen before. Its a practice that isnt for people who are easily upset or offended!

The following are some true stores that have been shared online by actual airline and airport employees:

  • While going through security, a passenger was truly astounded that he was not able to bring his chainsaw onto the flight with him. He felt it should be acceptable because hed emptied all the gas out of it.
  • When an earthquake survivor boarded a plane from Haiti, he was carrying a single bag. It didnt contain any clothes, mementos, keepsakes or other sentimental items. Instead, he had only the clothes on his back, his passport, his plane ticket and a bag full of cash and adult only content.
  • A woman coming home from vacation was stopped by security when her carry-on bag was checked by security. They found a loaded gun within. Shed had no idea it was there and identified it as her husbands weapon. Naturally, security removed it from her. However, because she was on her way home, it means that the Dallas Forth Worth airport security that had screened her when she was leaving on vacation had let her travel with a loaded gun in her bag.
  • There has officially been an emotional support goose processed by an airline. The bird was a therapy animal required by the passenger who needed it to stay calm during his flight
  • With stories like that happening on a regular basis, you might find that you can save your travel chargers for your arrival at your destination. Youll have all the entertainment you need at the airport, built right into the experience.