The Little Town Home To Many Michelin Stars

Hidden in the midst of the thick forest in South Germany is a secret culinary destination. The small Black Forest town of 16,000 called Baiersbronn has a total of 8 Michelin stars, which makes it a top destination for foodies out there.

Maybe part of the mystery of the great food is the forest so thick that it is completely dark even at noon, hence the name. While most Michelin-starred restaurants can be found in bigger cities, Baiersbronn officially has the same number of 3-star restaurants as London – a destination well-known for its culinary expertise. Other travel destinations around the world simply can’t compete. In fact, there is a star for every 2,000 residents. Moreover, surrounding towns are home to 4 more stars.

So if this has already inspired you to go visit the Black Forest for a culinary trip, make sure you reserve your table at these following restaurants.

The Schwarzwaldstube 3 Michelin Stars
– For 25 years, this restaurant has been awarded 3 stars, thanks to its unforgettable meals paired with wonderful service. While the sign still says French restaurant, prepare to be wowed by modern dishes that combine international flavors and traditional influences. Hotel Traube Tonbach, where the Schwarzwaldstube belongs to, offers overnight and weekend connoisseur packages that include wine tasting.

Restaurant Bareiss 3 Michelin Stars
This 3-starred restaurant is part of Hotel Bareiss but only has 8 tables in total. This is to offer guests the perfect definition of coziness. Its head chef, Peter-Claus Lumpp uses what is available in the forest, including mushrooms, herbs, and vegetables, as well as their own farm, where they breed cows, fish, and deer. Even if you are a vegetarian, you will find a menu that is specifically catered to you.

Schlossberg 2 Michelin Stars
This is the latest restaurant in Baiersbronn to be awarded by Michelin. This two-star restaurant offers guests a twelve-course meal using ingredients that have been gathered by none other than the head chef, Jorge Sackmann. This means every meal incorporates bits of the forest that is without a doubt Germanys leading culinary destination.

Brenners Park Restaurant 2 Michelin Stars
This restaurant with the wonderful view of the parkland is based in Baden-Baden. The lavish dining room has a strict dress code (jackets for men) but offers wonderful service to all its patrons. Behind the reins is one of the youngest chefs in Germany, Paul Stradner, which is why the menu is full of creative and innovative dishes.

Restaurant Erbprinz 1 Michelin Star
This is a cozy but luxurious restaurant in Ettlingen that serves gourmet five-course or seven-course meals as well as à la carte dishes. This place serves only a small number of guests daily but during summer, they open the terrace and combine their wonderful food with a terrific view.

Zirbelstube 1 Michelin Star
If you are visiting the picturesque old town of Freiburg, be sure to make a reservation for Zirbelstube, a very popular restaurant that has been wowing its diners for over 20 years. As opposed to stiff and formal gourmet restaurants, they have a very laid-back and cozy atmosphere that is made even warmer by their hospitality. Meals are served with wine from their own cellar, which boasts of more than 30,000 bottles all the way back to 1934.

Discover the hidden culinary haven of Germany, one tasty bite at a time. While you are at it, make sure to grab a slice of the cake that bears the same name, Black Forest cake, for that cherry on top.